Sunday, 31 August 2014

Digital Marketing - Your Business Can't Avoid It

Digital marketing  is marketing  that makes use of electronic devices  such as personal computers , Smart Phones , Cell Phones and tablets   etc. to engage with potential customers . Digital marketing applies technologies or platforms such as websites, e-mail, apps and social media .
As per many survey conducted from 2011 to 2014 Digital marketing is going to  become the most important  method of marketing  . This fact is also evident from the fact that the demand of digital marketing professionals  is growing very rapidly and companies are now hiring digital marketing  professionals to implement digital marketing strategies for their companies . Such digital marketing professionals who have the perfect knowledge of different digital marketing techniques are getting high remuneration from their employers  .
 Digital marketing is a term that is gaining popularity day by day and within a very short span of time this term has become the core of marketing strategy of thousands of companies . So question arise what is the reason of so much popularity of the term digital marketing ?

If we look behind ,  this term was first used in the 1990s. Afterwards  digital marketing became an effective way to create a relationship with the consumer for the growth of business . 
As per wikipedia Digital marketing is often referred to as 'online marketing' or 'internet marketing'. The term 'digital marketing' has grown in popularity over time, particularly in certain countries. In the USA 'online marketing' is still prevalent, but in the UK and worldwide, 'digital marketing' has become the most common term, especially after the year 2013 .

So we see that this term is not very old and the importance of this term is increasing due to the fact that our life is becoming more and more dependent on the use of internet . Now most of the persons use internet services to find the products and services of their use . Google and many other search engines has become the part of our life and we can not even imagine our life without internet . So it has become mandatory for every organization  to keep itself present on the internet at the right time and with right information . . If companies are present on the internet in proper way , only then they will be able to sell their products and services  and this can be done only by the use of different techniques of digital marketing . This is the reason of growing importance of digital marketing . The old techniques of traditional marketing  do not have the capabilities to fulfill the demand of the present challenging marketing world.  Therefore we see that the focus of various organization is now on digital marketing in place of traditional marketing . 
Digital marketing is a vast area and includes within its sphere various tools and techniques .  Some important component of digital marketing is –
Search Engine Optimization popularly known as SEO , Social Media Optimization (SMO) , Content Marketing , Search Engine Marketing ,  Inbound Marketing  etc .
With the use of all the above techniques Digital Marketers make it sure that all the information required by the potential customers are available to them when they needed it .
But One should always remember that digital marketing is a continuous process and if you have a systematic and continuous strategy of digital marketing you will certainly began to gain the results of digital marketing within some time after starting its implementation . The various research showed that the companies having proper strategy of digital marketing are gaining more share of business in compare to those companies that are still relying on the traditional marketing techniques . So be aware and identify the demand of time and start using the techniques of digital marketing from today . 

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